Dr. Elsey's Senior Litter
by Dusty Rainbolt

I just tested a brand new litter that I think would be perfect for a lot of inappropriate eliminators. It's by Dr. Elsey, the makers of Cat Attract. They have a new, fine-textured, silica gel litter called Senior. It's different from other silica gels because of it's sandy texture and it's infused with the attractant.

I have a Turkish Van who hasn't peed inside the box for years. (He pooped in the box consistently.) Until recently it never occurred to me that it was because of little getting clumps stuck to his toe tufts. Lots of vet checks, clean boxes, different litters, 12 huge litter boxes throughout the house, no results. Finally I put down puppy pads, which were better but not entirely satisfactory, because sometimes he was a long distance shooter. Long story short, I tried the Senior and he's using the box again. All the other cats love it too. Downside, it's expensive. $14.99 for an 8 pound bag (a box full.) Also, because the granules are sugar-fine, it tracks like crazy.

Thumbs Up! I think this is a perfect product for longhaired cats, declawed cats or cats with sensitive paws.

Precious Cat has a breeder program for high-volume users. Get more information by calling Precious Cat Inc at 877-311-2287 or check out the Web site at: www.preciouscat.com.


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