Petmate Nap of Luxury Bed
by Carol Krzanowski

My Persians love beds of any kind, and I recently had an opportunity to try a Petmate Nap of Luxury Bed for them. There was some assembly involved with setting it up but no tools were needed and in minutes, the bed was ready for use.

PetMate Nap of Luxury BedThe overall appearance of the bed is very attractive; it looks like a miniature four-poster bed with a sturdy metal frame and a nice looking animal print cover. The bed is basically square with all four sides of the cover finished with a thickly padded bolster. Handy Velcro tabs hold the cover in place and keep it looking tidy, yet allow the cover to be easily removed for machine washing and drying. I was happy to see that the padding in the bolstered sides did not shift around or get lumpy after washing and drying, as happens frequently with many padded beds.

I did notice one thing that I feel is a shortcoming in the overall design, though. While the bolstered sides are thickly padded, the bottom of the bed has only double fabric with no padding, so that you can feel the metal bed frame through the fabric. While this lack of bottom padding does not seem to particularly bother the cats, it is unusual since most pet beds do have a padded bottom. I understand, however, that Petmate already has plans to add more cushioning to the bottom of the Petmate Nap of Luxury Bed, and this could happen at any time.

Thumbs Up!So, what do the cats think about the bed? Well, since it is occupied almost all of the time, I think it is safe to say they approve. Actually, I think they like the fact that it is elevated off the floor, and they seem to love the bolstered sides, too. I had expected them to curl up within the bolstered area of the bed but instead, every one of the cats sleeps with their head resting on the bolstered side just like it is some sort of pillow.

For more information about Petmate's line of products can be found at www.petmate.com.


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