Petmate Deluxe Hooded Litter Pan
by Carol Krzanowski

I recently obtained one of Petmate's Deluxe Hooded Litter Pans as a replacement for one of the older litter pans in our house. Petmate's new Hooded Litter Pans all feature Microban antimicrobial protection, which is definitely a plus in keeping things cleaner and fresher. I got the Deluxe Jumbo size in aloe green with a bleached linen hood, one of the cool new color combinations now offered by Petmate. This Jumbo size is quite roomy for the cats so that they can easily maneuver inside.

PetmateThe Deluxe model came with a large Microban litter scoop and a package of disposable litter pan liners - a nice touch. Actually, the scoop is not only a good size, but the handle seems to be really strong due to the reinforcing cross pieces built into its design. The hood locks on with two tabs, one on each side of the pan, so it is easy to take the hood off for cleaning and then lock it back in place when done. This model litter pan also came with a vinyl entrance door. I have to admit that I almost did not install the door, as I was afraid my cats would not like it. As it turns out, they don't seem to mind it at all because this new litter pan is seeing frequent use.

Thumbs Up!One of the things I like best about the Petmate line of litter pans is the smooth surface of the product both inside and out. This makes for easy cleaning, with no crevices or seams to trap the dirt. Of course, all litter pans have smooth surfaces on the inside, but there is something about the finish on the Petmate line that I believe makes them easier to clean. Also, the Microban antimicrobial protection won't diminish over time, even after multiple cleanings.

For more information about Petmate's line of products can be found at www.petmate.com.


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