Petmate Designer Bowls
by Karen Lawrence

The new line of Petmate designer bowls bring a fresh and colorful look to the feeding area for the five cats that share our home.

The bowls are made from lightweight, durable polymers and available in varying sizes, colors, shapes and designs. Despite being cleaned in the dishwasher daily, the colors have remained bright and show no signs of fading.

Petmate Designer Bowls

I preferred the heart-shaped and round bowls as they were deeper and held more dry food than the shallower bowl designs. Those bowls, along with the square designs, have a larger base which makes them almost tip proof, a necessity when the contain either water or dry food. While I absolutely love the blue floral pattern on the Wild Flower Bowl, the base of the bowl is not large enough to prevent tipping. If the base were larger, it would easily be my favorite design.

Thumbs Up!Overall, I was really pleased with the look and durability of the latest in food bowls from Petmate and I recommend them for use in your home. Both you and your cat will be pleased!

For more information about Petmate's line of products can be found at www.petmate.com.


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