Petmate Round Heated Bed
by Carol Krzanowski

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Petmate Round Heated Bed with my cats. We all know how our cats typically will seek out and find a nice warm spot for napping, so I figured this new bed would be a hit. I wasn't disappointed and all I can say is that my cats absolutely love it! Actually, it is occupied most of the time; as soon as one cat vacates the bed, another goes into it. At a size of 15" x 15" x 5.5", it is a little small for my largest and oldest cat, who tried to get into it on several occasions unsuccessfully. But, he finally figured it out and squeezed himself into the bed, all except his head, that is, which won't fit and has to hang over the edge. He doesn't seem to care though, and it is really comical to see him sleeping like that!

PetmateThe bed is situated in our master bedroom, where we happen to have a TV. I did notice that when the heating element came on, it would interfere with the TV reception. I wrote to Petmate about it and received an immediate reply. The interference, or noise, is a common problem with TVs and other sensitive electronics, and it is often caused by a number of electrical items in the home including fluorescent fixtures, electric light dimmers, fans, heated blankets, aquarium filters, etc. However, this is easily remedied by installing a plug-in noise filter in the outlet and then plugging the sensitive item, in this case the TV, into the noise filter - problem solved!

The heat is provided by a waterproof heating element, somewhat like a miniature heating pad, which is inserted inside the zippered bed cover. The cord, which is PVC coated and chew-resistant, passes through a sewn opening in the cover, so that the cover can be zipped closed completely and the heating element cannot be pulled out. What I really like about the heating element is that it provides an even, low heat at 102 degrees that is safe for the cats. It has just enough warmth to make the cats feel cozy and comfortable.

Thumbs Up!The bed cover is completely removable for easy machine washing and drying too. I highly recommend this bed as a great comfort product for the cats that is attractive and easy to care for as well.

I should mention that Petmate also sells Stand-Alone Heat Elements, without a bed. I don't have one yet, but I think this would be a great idea for use with kittens, especially newborns. Since the heating element maintains an even 102-degree temperature, it would keep the kittens warm without fear of overheating them, plus the chew-resistant cord would alleviate any worries that the kittens might chew it when they get older.

For more information about Petmate's line of products can be found at www.petmate.com.


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