Petmate® Fresh Flow® Pet Fountain
Review by Karen Lawrence

The Petmate® Fresh Flow Pet Fountain has been redesigned and now comes in 3 wonderful new colors, along with the regular black/stainless: bleached linen, bubblegum, and my favorite - pomegranate! All colors are available in the medium size, while bleached linen is the sole color in large and jumbo sizes.

Petmate® Fresh Flow® Pet Fountain

I took the opportunity to try out the medium Fresh Flow® Pet Fountain as I had a new litter of kittens and wanted to see how easily they adapted to drinking out of a fountain rather than a bowl. Of course, as was to be expected, they had to test out the water with their paws and were almost swimming in it before they figured out how to drink.

The unit came well-packaged, with the various parts held in place with several pieces of easily removable tape. When removed, the tape left no marks on the product - always a bonus! All that was needed to get the unit up and running was to insert the filter, fill the reservoir with water, plug it in and turn it on.

I was a little concerned about any possible noise that the unit might make as it was to be in my bedroom. I needn't have worried. Once the unit was turned on, it took only a few seconds to settle down into a barely discernible hum.

The water reservoir on the medium size needs to be filled daily, and I found that the unit needed a thorough cleaning every two weeks - but kittens, and the mess they can make, may have contributed to that time frame. The unit is fairly easy to take apart and clean, although tweezers will be needed to remove the small impeller from the pump. A small bottle-type bristle brush would come in handy for a thorough cleaning job.

A Charcoal filter cleans the water, and provides fresh water. The unit came with a replacement charcoal filter.

Thumbs Up!The kittens have graduated from my bedroom to running the house and the fresh flow fountain has been moved into the kitchen and placed beside another manufacturer's fountain that we had been using. Interestingly, the kittens always go to the Fresh Flow fountain to drink. I'm convinced that they like it, and the color, as much as I do!

For more information about Petmate's line of products can be found at www.petmate.com.


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