Petmate Stainless Steel Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain
by Carol Krzanowski

Petmate Stainless Steel Fresh Flow Purifying Pet FountainRecently I had the opportunity to try out the Stainless Steel Fresh Flow Fountain with my cats. We have never used one of the fountain type water dishes before, but I had wanted to try one for some time. One of my spayed girls has an unusual fascination with water, and I was certain Sunny would really enjoy a fountain. As it turned out, she was a little wary of it at first, but she gradually came around.

One by one, all of the cats investigated the Fresh Flow and started using it. I did continue to make our standard water dish available in addition to the fountain, but the Fresh Flow soon became the water dish of choice in our house. Some of the cats actually lick the water as it is running down the ramp! I have taken the fountain away a few times and the cats definitely miss it. They will sit there and give me that look, the look only a cat can give, as they wait for the fountain's return.

The Stainless Steel Fresh Flow is black with stainless steel accents, and it is very attractive looking. It was really easy to set up, and I had it going in no time at all. Obviously it needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, but Petmate designed it with a relatively long cord so that it can be positioned at some distance from the outlet. This is a plus, particularly if space near an outlet is at a premium. A pump circulates the water through a water reservoir holding a charcoal filter, so that the water stays fresh. Two filters are provided with the fountain, and they do last a while before they need to be replaced.

The pump can be set to run at low or high speed, or anywhere in between. It makes a little noise when it is first switched on but once the water starts circulating, it is really quiet and you cannot even hear it running. I suppose the initial noise could be due to air working itself out of the system. The Fresh Flow comes apart for cleaning and at times, I find it a little difficult to get the pump going again afterwards. Sometimes, simply shutting it off and then turning it back on again is enough to start the pump properly. If that doesn't work, I usually double check the pump, in case there is some debris that needs to be cleaned away from it.

Thumbs Up!My only suggestion for improvement would be to provide a cleaning brush with the Fresh Flow Fountain, as a brush of some type is definitely needed to clean all the nooks and crannies. Other than that, I think this is a good product and I would recommend it to others.

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