IKEA Pet Tent
Review by Karen Lawrence

In 2003, IKEA launched its first line of pet products under the name "Funny Pet". In 2004, they introduced a polyester pet tent. I didn't spot one in an IKEA store until 2006, and as it was on sale, I snapped up several of them. The cats and I are all delighted that I did!

The packaging is flat, but the only assembly required is the connection of the rods to the Velcro patches to hold them in place and stabilize the tent structure. That was accomplished within seconds, even with the cats helping.

IKEA Pet Tent The tent is 19" square, and 15-3/4" high, so it is plenty large enough for even the biggest Maine Coon, or a whole litter of kittens. It's made in 100% polyester that is easily hand-washable. The front has a large round opening, and the back has a mesh insert to allow air to flow through. The pet tent is available in two colors - red and blue - both the same design, with ears and a tail in contrasting colors.

The five American Curl kittens had a ball playing in and around the tent, especially with the tail, and they finally all curled up inside for a nap - and there was lots of room for all of them. The kittens have given the tent a real workout - it's has been climbed on, jumped on, attacked, and played with. To date, it hasn't collapsed once, so the actual structure is quite sturdy and reliable.

Thumbs Up!This item is of quality material, well-made, and durable, as I've come to expect of any IKEA product. The pet tent is only available in IKEA stores, and not through their web site store. Your cats will thank you.

UPDATE April 2010: It appears as though IKEA has discontinued this particular product. If you come across them in a sales bin at IKEA, grab them!

In the meantime, be sure to check out their 2010 pet tent styles. We have purchased several of this new tent design and the cats love it just as much as the previous style. Current online price is $7.99 -- money well spent!


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