Play-n-Squeak ElastoMouse
Review by Carol Krzanowski

ElastoMouseI recently obtained a Play-n-Squeak ElastoMouse by OurPet's for my cats to try. The design and texture of this toy seemed like it would appeal to the cats, and I thought the squeak sound might entice them to play with it. Keep in mind that we've had other squeak toys in the past - the cats liked them at first but quickly lost interest in them. Not so with the ElastoMouse! The squeak sound it makes is totally different from any other toy we've had, and it was amazing to watch the cats' reaction to it the first time they heard it. They played with it for hours, batting it and tossing it around.

Thumbs Up! The floppy design of the toy and the soft texture was very appealing to them, and they really liked the squeaking sound. In fact, I heard squeaking for hours that first night, so I would say the toy was well received. The best part about this toy, though, is that after several weeks they have not lost interest in it at all. They still play with it all the time and seem to enjoy it as much today as they did


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