Homemade Chicken Jerky Treats
Review by Justin Page Homemade Chicken Jerky for Cats

I am really particular about what I feed my cats - and they are even more snobbish about it than me! I had been searching for a good treat for them to use for training or just "because" - but the only food that really attracted them was people food, especially CHICKEN, and I didn't always have that at hand.

Then I found these homemade pure chicken jerky treats for cats. They are pure chicken and nothing else - sounded promising! Well, when I opened the vacuum-packed bag and my kitties got a whiff, they almost bowled me over in their enthusiasm to get to these bite-sized morsels of chicken. The pieces are small and you can easily use your fingers to break them into even smaller bites.

I think that the processing intensifies the taste as I have seen a kitten of mine turn into a lion, growling and smacking the other cats with her little paws if they should express (or seemingly express) an interest in her "prey." Cute and kind of scary, brrrr..

Thumbs Up!This is an inexpensive treat that is also great for traveling, for cat shows or for wherever you need to go with your cat and can't take along perishable food. It's healthy - although all the cats seem to care about is that it tastes good...

Homemade Chicken Jerky for Cats


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