JAKKS Pacific Cat Carrier
A CFA Branded Product

Review by Karen Lawrence

On several recent trips I have had a cat with me, and was really impressed with the new CFA branded cat carrier that I chose to use as my carry-on bag.

CFA Branded Cat CarrierI got the carrier specifically to bring a kitten from Europe back to the United States. I liked the straight lines of the carrier which allowed the kitten the maximum room available in it. A small square litter pan fit nicely in one end, with a small cat bed in the other - perfect for traveling on a long trip.

In addition to the regular carrier opening on the end, this carrier also has a top zip opening. This, I love! A top opening is especially ideal when traveling by plane and having to take the cat out while going through security. The top opening made it so much easier to get the cat out of the carrier and back into it again.

The carrier is manufactured of durable nylon with soft, yet strong, mesh covering the opening on the end and on both of the side panels. The mesh allows for sufficient air flow. A pocket on one end was perfect for carrying a small stash of paper towels and a garbage bag that might be needed for any necessary cleanups.

The carrier size is 18-1/9" long by 11-3/5" wide by 9-5/6" high , which is within the carry-on kennel size limitations for airlines (normally 23" long x 13" wide x 10" high). It also fit underneath my window seat with no problem whatsoever - and it didn't have to be squished to do so, either.

A snap handle holds the 2 carrying straps together, and the carrier also comes with a shoulder strap. I found the snap handle to be too bulky for me, but I have small hands so it will probably not be a problem for other people. I simply cut off the snap handle and just hold the two carrying straps together, and now find the carrier very comfortable to carry. The adjustable-length shoulder strap should suit almost everyone.

Thumbs Up!Kitty and I have traveled from Europe, plus been back and forth across North America several times. She settles into her carrier nicely, and I have been extremely happy with this CFA branded product. I highly recommend it!

UPDATE, October 2009: We are sorry to learn that the JAKKS Pacific Cat Carrier has been discontinued. If you have the good fortune to find one somewhere, we recommend that you purchase it.


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