"Active Cat" Toys
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Review by Karen Lawrence

Toys! Every cat needs at least one, and usually more than one to hold their interest. I was, therefore, delighted to see that my local PetSmart here in Canada was finally carrying the new CFA branded "Active Cat" toys. There were too many "edible" feathers on a lot of the toys, so I chose to buy my critters the "House Mouse" and the 2-pack "Wolly Mice" and took them home for the fun to begin.

CFA Branded ToysUpon inspection, the toys are very well made. The seams on the toys were all tight, the ears and tails were firmly stitched in place, and the eyes and nose were stitched rather than glued on. Lookin' good, so far. Even the bell on the tail of the "Wooly Mice" was firmly stitched into place (more on that later!)

But, the cats are the ultimate testers, so I tossed the toys onto the floor to see what would happen and, of course, all six cats in the house had to come and inspect the new play things. Two cats immediately went for the "Wooly Mice" but they are cats that like toys that make a noise, so that wasn't surprising. Soon, the mice were being tossed in the air and pounced on. The next day, however, the bell on one was missing - chewed off, I expect, and I'd bet it will be found in a far corner under the sofa during a day of thorough housecleaning. I've spoiled some of the fun and cut the bell off the second mouse, just in case.

One of the other cats nabbed the realistic looking "House Mouse" with its suede-like coat and isn't giving it up! It's hers to play with and no-one else dares to try and steal it, although they have their eye on it. She's a Maine Coon, so no-one is really arguing with her! It's her toy ... at least, it is until she turns her back on it!

All 3 toys have become favorites to attack, chase, catch and throw in the air, and are holding up well. Even the knitted mice aren't looking shabby and torn to shreds yet, despite the roughhousing with them.

My only gripe is that these toys are both advertised as "with catnip" and I sure didn't smell any. I doubt the cats did either, or these toys would have been sopping wet from being licked and chewed by now. But, maybe that's a good thing!

Thumbs Up!Overall, they get a thumbs-up from me and a high-five award from the cats.

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