The Singapura gives the appearance of an alert, healthy, small to medium sized, muscular-bodied cat with noticeably large eyes and ears in proportion to their head. One color only - Sepia Aguoti.

The Singapura is a smaller than average, shorthaired cat with noticeably large eyes and ears. On first impression, you might think you were looking at some new color of Abyssinian. The pattern is nearly the same but on closer inspection you will note that the only other similarity is the large ears, everything else is different. The light beige coloring is unique and thought by some to be similar to cougars. The careful development of this breed has lead to small numbers of diversified pedigreed cats but one that is widely desired and accepted.

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COAT LENGTH: Shorthair
CHARACTERISTICS: Warm beige, ticked coat; large expressive eyes; small cat
PERSONALITY: Sweet, demanding, affectionate and occasionally bossy

The Singapura's disposition is that of a "pesky people cat," an extroverted, curious, playful but nondestructive cat that insists on helping you with everything. They are very intelligent and interactive with people and remain so even into old age. Disposition is one of their most endearing attributes. If you want a cat geared to "four on the floor," don't consider owning a Singapura.

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They like to explore everything!

Singapura babies

"Living with a Singapura is like having a constant 3-ring circus around you. These cats are lively and inquisitive ... and the most lovable that I've even owned! They attach themselves to their "person" and are very loyal. The prefer to be found curled up on a lap, when not exporing, and will sleep snuggled in closely beside you at night."

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