Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex
The Selkirk Rex is the result of a dominant, spontaneous mutation that causes each hair (guard, down and awn) to have a gentle curl giving the coat a soft feel. This is a medium to large cat with heavy boning that gives the cat surprising weight and an impression of power. Females may be less massive than males but not dainty in appearance.

Selkirk Rex come in two coat lengths: short and long. The curl is plush and loosely curled, showing up more dramatically on the longhair. .

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COAT LENGTH: Longhair and Shorthair (shown)
CHARACTERISTICS: Naturally curly coat; rounded, stocky body

The Selkirk Rex is an active cat with a sweet and endearing personality. This breed is not for the uptight organized pet owner. These cats' humans must be prepared to take all kinds of hair jokes such as: "The cat with the bad hair day." "Why don't you groom your cat," or "This cat is our dip and dry variety." Such comments lead to the hidden secret: they make you laugh. Although they may not always win the beauty pageant, they always win the title of Miss Congeniality.

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"You need a sense of humor to have a Selkirk. These are not the cats for people who can't take a joke"

Breed Photo Credit: Copyright ©Chanan

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