Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
The Norwegian Forest Cat is a sturdy cat with a distinguishing double coat and easily recognizable body shape. It is a slow maturing breed, attaining full growth at approximately five years of age.

These cats are designed by Mother Nature. They appear in coats of most colors, from pure white to deepest coal black, with every possible coat pattern and color combination in between, with the exception of the colorpoint colors as seen in the Siamese or Persian-Himalayan such as seal point or chocolate point. Is their Norse name accurate? Yes, the skogkatt, meaning forest cat, really did come out of the Scandinavian forests some time in the last 4,000 years. However, they are not feral but are among the most people-oriented cats.

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CHARACTERISTICS: Stocky and hardy with a heavy coat
PERSONALITY: Active and sweet

Norwegian Forest Cats generally are friendly, highly intelligent, and alert. As all cat lovers know, cat personalities vary from cat to cat as much as human personalities vary. Forest Cats usually are adaptable and can be inquisitive and courageous. They tend to get along well in new environments and with other cat breeds, dogs, and children. Many Forest Cats will be extremely loyal to one family member. They are not unfriendly with others in the household, but will give more attention to one person.

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"Jasper entertains us in all kinds of ways. He is a CLIMBER too. He LOVES to climb up things and he's good at it. I'll bet he could scale Mt. Everest if he had a mind to. "

"I can't get over how compliant my Wegie is when it comes to nail trimming! He will just hold his leg out resting it in my palm, with no pulling away! Such complete trust, even purring while I finish off by filing the cut edges round."

Marilynne Roberts (Lino Lakes, Minnesota) says her Norwegian Forest cat tells her, "I helped Vikings sail the world. I explore and conquer. Then I eat and nap."

Breed Photo Credit: Copyright ©Russell Law

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