The overall impression of the Manx cat is that of roundness; round head with firm, round muzzle and prominent cheeks; broad chest; substantial short front legs; short back which arches from shoulders to a round rump; great depth of flank and rounded, muscular thighs. The Manx should be alert, clear of eye, with a glistening, clean, well-groomed coat. They should be surprisingly heavy when lifted. Manx may be slow to mature and allowance should be made in young cats.

Besides taillessness, the Manx is known for its robust and rounded appearance. This breed can actually be drawn with a series of circles! It has a very round head and rounded cheeks which give it a jowly appearance; even more so in the male cat than in the female. There are two types of Manx coats, shorthair and longhair (formerly Cymric). The coat length is the only difference between the longhair and shorthair Manx. The shorthair has a double coat, the outer guardhairs are somewhat hard, appearance is glossy. The longhair has a silky texture to its coat. The coat will be of medium length, with breeches, abdomen and neck ruff being longer than the coat on the main body.

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COAT LENGTH: Longhair and Shorthair (shown)
CHARACTERISTICS: Tailless cat from the Isle of Man; thick, dense coat; heavy cat; many colors and patterns are available
PERSONALITY: Quiet and gentle

The Manx is a very playful cat as a rule. They can jump higher than anyone could imagine, and it is not unusual to find them perching on the highest point in any room. They have extremely powerful hind quarters. It has been stated by one Manx owner that "Manx are the feline sport cars of the car world with their acceleration and quick turns." Manx exhibit many dog-like characteristics such as retrieving and burying their toys. They will either be known as a "one person cat" or the "family cat."

More about Manx personality...

Ned is not tailless like most Manx.

Who needs a tail?

"Ned is a Manx, but has what is called a "long stumpy tail" so he is not tailless like most Manx. Ned has yet to meet any food he doesn't like and he has enough personality for three kittens. He carries his "flag" with him wherever he goes and is ready to "high-five" me, showing how tough this cute little pint-sized guy can be."

"Who needs a tail? Manx have excellent balance without one."

"My longhaired Manx are like the perfect dog that you don't have to walk and they are much easier on the lap when they want to cuddle! They are always entertaining, creatively amusing themselves, and always involved with the family."

"I have had Manx cats all my life and every Manx I have been owned by is waiting for me at the door when I get home from work in the evening."

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