Havana Brown

Havana Brown
The overall impression of the ideal Havana Brown is a cat of medium size with a rich, solid color coat and good muscle tone. Due to its distinctive muzzle shape, coat color, brilliant and expressive eyes and large forward tilted ears, it is comparable to no other breed.

What makes a Havana Brown unique? The first thing an admirer notices is the glistening mahogany-toned glossy brown coat. The coat is smooth, lustrous, closelying and feels like a luxurious mink. A rich, evenly colored shade of warm chocolate brown tending more to redbrown is desirable. Their other incomparable feature is the distinctive head that is slightly longer than it is wide. In profile, the prominent broad nose has a definite stop at the eyes. A pronounced whisker pinch combined with the strong square chin forms a somewhat rounded muzzle.

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COAT LENGTH: Shorthair
CHARACTERISTICS: Chocolate brown in color
PERSONALITY: Busy and affectionate

The Havana Brown has a charming, playful manner and a soft, intimate voice. They often extend a paw as a means of contact or attempt to gain the attention of passersby as well as using their paws to investigate curiosities by touching and feeling. A people-oriented breed, they quietly demand human companionship and adapt to most situations. This is the perfect cat for the person who wants a sociable, affectionate and intelligent feline friend. A cat who is as sweet in appearance and color as...chocolate.

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Havana Brown Havana Brown

'Havana Browns love to play their entire lives. They are very loyal and very loving as well as being amazingly intelligent animals... just the very best."

"I live with both Abyssinians and Havana Browns. They are equally curious breeds with one big difference; while the Abys dive head-long into anything that's new, the Havanas watch, figure out a better way to do it, and sit there looking very smug."

Chocolate Delights Without the Calories!!!

Breed Photo Credit: Copyright ©Justine St. Arnaud

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