European Burmese

European Burmese

The European Burmese is an elegant, unique cat breed of far eastern origin. There is a difference in type between the two Burmese breeds. The European Burmese is an elegant, moderate cat with gently rounded contours, whereas the Burmese has a compact, well-rounded appearance.

The most obvious difference between the Burmese and the European Burmese is the array of colors displayed by the European Burmese - ten to be exact. Introduction of the red gene is esponsible for the additional colors. This gene was introduced both deliberately and by accident. In the U.K. Siamese come in many colors including red points, so the introduction of this gene to the existing four colors (brown, chocolate, blue and lilac) produced the colors red, cream, brown-tortie, chocolatetortie, blue-tortie and lilac-tortie.

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COAT LENGTH: Shorthair
CHARACTERISTICS: Moderate type with gently rounded contours
PERSONALITY: Highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal

The European Burmese is of sweet disposition, medium size, solid boning, excellent musculature and expressive eyes. Because the European Burmese are highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal, they make outstanding pets. They like the companionship of another animal, being dog or cat; however, if circumstances make it impossible they will live quite happily as the sole pet. They love people and make wonderful companions.

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