Devon Rex

Devon Rex
The Devon Rex is a breed of unique appearance. Its large eyes, short muzzle, prominent cheekbones, and huge, lowset ears create a characteristic elfin look. A cat of medium fine frame, the Devon is well covered with soft, wavy fur; the fur is of a distinctive texture, as the mutation which causes its wavy coat is cultivated in no other breed.

Nicely "mid-sized" cats, adult Devons average six to nine pounds, with males heavier than females. While an even, full coat of loose curls is ideal for the show ring, the Devon coat varies greatly between individuals, ranging from an almost shaggy mop of loose curls in some to a thin suede-like coat in others that may leave some areas nearly bare. The coat may vary over the life of the cat, with some kittens dropping much of their coat ("molting") during their development, and some adult coats changing seasonally

More about the Devon Rex ...

COAT LENGTH: Shorthair
CHARACTERISTICS: Naturally curly, wavy coat; many colors and patterns
PERSONALITY: Pixie look and personality

These little pixies are alert and inquisitive, showing interest in all that is around them. By the same token, these active cats are also very much people cats and are strongly devoted to their owners, claiming a lap and a good snuggling whenever the opportunity arises. They purr incessantly, chortle and coo when intrigued by the birds outside the window, and wag their tails when they are happy. Devons are an outgoing breed, and will run to meet you at the door at the end of a long day to tell you in no uncertain terms how much you were missed.

More about Devon Rex personality...

"Our Devon Rex, Tink and Opie, are like puppies. They always greet us at the door when we arrive home and follow us around the house wanting to 'help' with everything. They sit outside the shower door waiting for whichever of us is in there to come out so they can go and explore and see what's changed. There is never an empty lap as they love being near us all the time and when we relax, they relax."

"The Devon Rex is 1% cat and 99% personality."

"While preparing my family Thanksgiving turkey, I turned my back for ten seconds and when I turned back the turkey had been "stuffed" with the head and shoulders of my Devon boy who was investigating its innards. The real fun started when he latched onto a tasty tidbit and pulled on it only to have the turkey 'follow' him across the counter and off onto the floor."

Breed Photo Credit: Copyright ©Tetsu

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