CatsCenterstage is for all of us who value cats. Everyone participating in this like-minded community of cat admirers is helping to shape its form. The website is designed as a platform for sharing the unique characteristics of these creatures we love as wonderful companions. Are your cats funny, dignified, discriminating, mysterious, aloof, complex, independent, outgoing, cautious, clever, fast, sensitive, beautiful, friendly or more? We want to hear about them!

Cats are able to survive without us yet, amazingly, they choose to stay near us and adapt easily to our homes and lives. They demand little but deserve an abundance of good care. Some live a pampered lifestyle while others are almost wild and untouchable.

Once we become emotionally in tuned to a cat, we gradually understand subtle character, appreciate truly graceful movement and comprehend language that is often expressed more through body or eye contact than vocalization.

CatsCenterstage.org is a place to celebrate a special animal - one who refuses to be dominated but instead insists on being treated as an equal.

Our Beginning

Several years ago the Cat Fanciers' Association's Outreach and Education Committee began to discuss how to help build appreciation for and increase knowledge about all cats. The CatsCenterstage concept evolved toward a mission - - - -

"to promote respect for all cats - random bred, pedigreed and feral - through participation, education, communication and advocacy".

This vision was encouraged by Pam DelaBar, President of CFA, and the members of the CFA Board of Directors. Thanks to the efforts of numerous individuals, we launched the CatsCenterstage.org site on June 8, 2010.

Our Team

Marva Marrow is CatsCenterstage Editor. She is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, as well as a photographer, writer and videographer. Marva is responsible for overseeing the editorial content of the website. She is our cat behavior expert, provides articles and communicates with our writers.

Karen Lawrence created the first CatsCenterstage website design and website structure. She provided much of the website content. She also created the For Kids About Cats website.

Kathy Black has recently volunteered to update the CatsCenterstage website. She is a CFA Allbreed judge and has created many websites for both her personal and company use.

Joan Miller conceived, coordinated and provided overall guidance for the CatsCenterstage project from the beginning, as Chair of the Outreach and Education Committee. She is a writer and educator, a frequent lecturer presenting a variety of cat related topics to the public, shelter staff and veterinary students. She has originated video projects for CatsCenterstage.

See the contributor page for background information on many others involved.

Roeann Fulkerson, CFA Director of Marketing and Public Relations, oversees the advertising, marketing and distribution strategy for CatsCenterstage. Allene Tartaglia, CFA Executive Director, provides input and general assistance for many aspects of the project. Other Outreach and Education Committee members have offered valuable advice. Donna Isenberg helped with groundwork for the initial idea and continues to be instrumental in shaping the CatsCenterstage concept. Ron deWilde created our masthead graphic design. Several cat clubs, CFA Regions, a Breed Council and individuals supported this project through their donations to the Outreach Fund for startup costs

Maine CoonWe especially appreciate contributions from PetWave.com for feline health articles and thank Drs. Cynthia Carlson, Roger Helmers, Elizabeth Milauska as well as Dr. Fiona, a specialist for JustAnswer.com. These veterinarians have helped us provide an extensive health resource for pet owners.

Come join us in our Forum! There you can meet like-minded individuals who are just getting to know cats, those who want expert advice or those who search for reliable, accurate information. We expect to learn from many of you in our community with cat expertise, hear about your personal experiences with cats and gain insight into how our domestic cats act and live. Share stories, photos, videos and memories!

Each cat we know has a special place in our hearts. As the curtain rises - we will sit back, have fun and enjoy the show with you and your cats as the stars - Cats Centerstage !


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